Spring Shadows Civic Association Inc.

10355 Centrepark Drive, Suite 220
Houston TX 77043
713-460-1718 ... Fax 713-460-2399
E-mail - sscaoffice@yahoo.com



  1. What are the dates of the General Meetings for Spring Shadows Civic Association?

    The Association provides two General Meetings per year. The Spring Meeting in April and the Fall Meeting in October. Signs are put out in strategic locations to inform the community of the meetings.

  2. What are the responsibilities related to being a director of the SSCA?

    See the following document.

  3. When is the cut-off date to advertise or place articles in the Newscaster?

    The cut-off dates for the Newscaster are as follows:

    First week of January for Jan/Feb Issue

    First week of March for Mar/Apr Issue

    First week of May for May/Jun Issue

    First week of July for Jul/Aug Issue

    First week of September for Sept/Oct Issue

    First week of November for Nov/Dec Issue

  4. How much does it cost to advertise in the Newscaster?

    Prices range from $55.00 for a business card size to $468.00 for a full page advertisement, per issue. Discounts are available for a commitment to advertise in 3 or 6 issues.

  5. What is the process when complaints are submitted regarding a property?

    The Association reaches the property owner by mail with a reminder of the Deed Restrictions and Texas Property Codes. If the violation is not resolved within a generous time frame, other reminders will be sent. After a series of letters have been written and there is no response from the homeowner, the Association will send the violation to the Association’s Attorneys. From here is goes through the legal system. All legal fees are billed to the homeowner.

  6. How much are the maintenance fees?

    $336.00 per year provides Constable service to protect the neighborhood, to operate the Association, to beautify, insure, inform and to involve the neighbors. It also provides mosquito control.

  7. When do I need to submit an application for a permit?

    If the homeowner is building, erecting or placing a permanent structure on the exterior of the home, a building permit is required. If a homeowner is changing the color of his home, a building permit is required. If changing, building, moving, removing or adding to any existing structure, a permit is required. When in doubt, call the office at 713-460-1718.

  8. Who do I call if a street light is out?

Centerpoint Energy – HL&P – 713-207-2222 – Make sure you get the pole number.